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Group medical insurance that fits your business

SecureHealth provide access to group health insurance packages that you can tailor to fit your business. You can set up different levels of cover for different teams, or keep it simple with the same cover for everybody.

Give your colleagues a chance to get back to work faster

When you set up a group health insurance scheme, you can be sure your colleagues get access to specialists and treatment fast - without waiting on an NHS waiting list. Faster treatment means they have a better chance of getting well sooner - potentially meaning fewer lost days for your business.

Hospital appointments that fit in with your business

No matter how large or small your business, it can be very disruptive when a colleague needs to take time off to visit hospital - but it's often awkward to move NHS appointments. With group private medical insurance, your colleague will often be able to choose the date and time of their appointment, which means you can schedule cover for them more easily.

More reason for the best people to stay with you

Health insurance is a huge perk for your employees, and in a competitive job market, it's a useful asset for your company to offer to the best people.

We'd be glad to give you a quote for your group medical insurance scheme. Our experts will set it up for you and help you run it too. Simply call one our experienced advisers on 03450 60 80 60.

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