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How our flexible health insurance works

ourcover.pngYou can adapt our affordable health insurance to fit your needs and your budget. Here's how it works

  1. 1. The Essentials - this is your core health insurance
  2. 2. Add-ons - enhance your cover with options that suit you
  3. 3. Lower your price - you can change your excess or add a Six-week option to lower the cost.

1 The Essentials

  • Hospital charges and specialist fees when you're treated as an in-patient or day-patient.
  • Surgery as an out-patient.
  • Radiotherapy and chemotherapy when you're treated as an out-patient.
  • 24-hour dedicated health information helpline.

2 Add-ons to enhance your cover

You can select whichever Add-ons you'd like to enhance your cover

  • Core Out-patient Add-on
  • Enhanced Out-patient Add-on
  • Full Out-patient Add-on
  • Therapies Add-on
  • Mental Health Add-on
  • Extra Care Add-on - if you add the Therapies and Mental Health Add-ons, we'll give you this Add-on for free
  • Dentist and Optician Cashback Add-on
  • Extra Cancer Cover Add-on

3 Lowering the cost

There are two ways to get a lower price:

  • Change to a higher excess
  • Add our Six-week option

The best way to find out about our cover is to get a personalised online quote - it will only take a few minutes to work out your price.

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